Dayspring Bible Camp



Welcome to the Dayspring Bible Camp Resources Page—a comprehensive guide designed to support parents, guardians, and potential renters in navigating the enriching experience that our camp offers. Understanding the importance of preparation and information, we’ve curated a collection of essential resources to ensure both you and your child are fully prepared and comfortable with the upcoming camp adventure.

What to Expect

The “What to Expect” page provides a detailed overview of facilities, including cabins, dining hall, chapel, and recreational amenities. It outlines the daily schedule, communication policies, and visitor information, emphasizing a Bible-centered, fun environment for kids. Parents are encouraged to familiarize themselves with camp facilities and are reminded of the camp’s communication guidelines.

How to Prepare

The “How to Prepare” page provides comprehensive packing guidelines, including a detailed list of required and optional items, as well as items to avoid. It emphasizes labeling belongings, outlines camp rules and regulations, and encourages respectful and responsible behavior. Additionally, it offers contact information for any further questions or concerns.


The Testimonials page features heartfelt endorsements from parents, volunteers, and grandparents, praising the camp’s safe, fun environment, caring staff, and impactful spiritual teachings. With consistent five-star ratings, these testimonials highlight the transformative experiences of campers, the dedication of the staff, and the eagerness of families to return, emphasizing the camp’s success in creating memorable and inspiring summer experiences

Doctrinal Statement

Our Doctrinal Statement presents the foundational beliefs that guide our teachings and practices. It outlines our commitment to biblical principles, emphasizing the importance of faith, morality, and the values that shape our community and activities. This statement serves as a cornerstone for all of Dayspring Bible Camp’s programs, ensuring that every aspect of the camp experience aligns with their core Christian values and beliefs. It reflects their dedication to providing a spiritually enriching environment that fosters personal growth, understanding, and respect for all participants.