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Post 2 of 8

Post 2 of our 8-Part Series
Reflecting on 2023 and Looking Forward to 2024

As a child, the iconic opening scene from one of my favorite TV shows (Little House on the Prairie) was that of Carrie Ingalls, running down a hill, only to tumble in the prairie grass. At Dayspring, the hills to the cabins are a bit steeper and the fall is a bit harder. Replace the prairie grass with granite stones and that young girl in a dress with a camper, holding a Bible sprinting, full speed toward the dining hall or chapel. While some accidents have occurred over the years, we have been blessed to have a limited number of serious injuries. As I’ve gotten older, more out of shape, and shorter of breath, those trips up and down the hill do not seem as easy as they once did. One of the major projects that took place at Dayspring in 2023 was the installation of two new sets of steps leading from the lower portion of camp up to the upper cabins. In addition, what was once a road used by a few (behind cabins 8-15) has become a thoroughfare in which cars can pass side-by-side as they make their way to their respective cabins to drop off their belongings. In addition, adequate parking was cut into the hillside to limit the congestion in the center of camp. The hard work of many, along with a little help from a Caterpillar 963 made this possible. (Special thanks to Pollock Landscaping for the help!)

Excavation and New Steps
The road behind the upper cabins has been widened to allow for 2-way traffic. In addition to the widening, an extensive amount of gravel has been added to keep this part of the road.
As a result of the excavation process, there are now more parking spots behind cabin 11/12 and cabin 15.

In late 2023, we were able to excavate a large portion of the area behind the gym. Eventually, this will be used as parking for equipment/trailers.

In 2023, we added two new sets of steps leading from the lower portion of camp up to the upper cabins.
Insulating the Dining Hall and Chapel

In most marriages, there are differences of opinion on many things – none of which may cause more dissension than that of the household temperature. One likes the home at 73 while the other likes it at 68. As one who is always cognizant of the utility bill, I have found myself sneaking by the thermostat late at night only to click it down a couple degrees during the winter or up a couple degrees in the summer to save on the expense. An uncomfortable night of sleep for my wife may be in store – along with a displeased look in the morning -but I sleep as sweet as a baby, knowing I took a couple of bucks out of the utility company’s pocket.

Unfortunately, utility bills at camp are far more than a couple bucks, and a degree or two on the thermostat can become $200-$300.  In the heat of the summer, amongst the thick humidity, the numbers on the utility bill seem to go higher than the midday sun.  Monthly expenses can exceed $2,500.  In an effort to manage this, plans were presented to install spray foam insulation into the ceiling of the dining hall as well as the chapel.  These two areas are our greatest opportunity to recover funds that are literally seeping through the building – cold air during the summer and warm air during the winter.  

While all involved in the decision making agreed on the need for this project, funds unfortunately did not exist. At our board meeting in early December, we agreed to open up an insulation fund, and pray that the Lord would add to it as he saw it. Within one month, the Lord did what we have seen Him do time and time again.  He laid on the hearts of generous donors to be part of this project and I am excited to say that it has been funded and plans are in place to move forward.  We praise the Lord for His goodness!  Lord willing, this project will be starting in the next couple weeks and we will see an impact on the electric meter this upcoming summer!

Future Updates

Keep an eye out for part three in this eight-part series (Reflections & Projections).  In our next edition, we will take a look back at the creation of a new camp office, and look ahead to a very exciting project – the construction of a new 4-plex staff cabin!  Please continue to keep Dayspring in your prayers as we prepare for the 2024 season!

Date Issued: 2/7/2024
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