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Post 3 of 8

Post 3 of our 8-Part Series
Reflecting on 2023 and Looking Forward to 2024

New Camp Office

Sometimes there are things in life that you didn’t realize you needed until you got them – disposable diapers, power steering, air conditioning, and teenagers to help with housework – just to name a few.  You never had them but once you get them, you can’t live without them!  Such is the case with a new addition at Dayspring – the camp office!  It’s taken over half a century to procure this lovely space but less than a summer later you start to ask, “What would we do without this?”  With the relocation of sugary drinks and treats to the new canteen, we found ourselves with an empty spot in the Northeast corner of the Dining Hall where the canteen previously resided.  This space was updated with new flooring, a desk, computer, etc and serves as the “control center” during the summer season.  We now have a formal spot for registration, record keeping and general clerical activity.  We love the office so much that we are continuing the makeover currently by moving the door to the adjacent wall (this removes a pinch point as hungry campers line up in the dining hall), adding spray foam insulation, installing a drop ceiling and a full facelift.  Check out some of the status photos below:

New Staff Cabin

Approximately two years ago, as the Dayspring Board put together a vision of camp going forward, there was an idea that came to the forefront that is about to come to fruition. As we discussed what was needed at camp, it became clear that the need for additional staff housing should be a priority. This housing will not only be used to serve summer staff but also volunteers who come to camp on a daily or weekly basis to help with items such as kitchen duty, speaking, directing, or general camp maintenance. As we formulated this idea, we settled on a fourplex hotel style structure that would sleep 4-6 people (in each unit).  Possibly the most exciting bit of news……It was also decided that each unit would contain ITS OWN BATHROOM!!****  The overall size of the structure is approximately 60’ x 12’ with a small deck on the front.  “Rough” plans for the building are as follows:

Here is some really exciting news…As the plans for this building took shape, we were approached by a couple of individuals who were interested in giving toward this project on a “Matching Funds” basis. Approximately $10,000 has been committed to this project in the form of a matching fund.  If you are interested in giving toward this project, every dollar you donate will be doubled from the matching funds that have been committed.  There are two ways to give toward this project:

OPTION 1 – By Check:

Dayspring Bible Camp
P.O. Box 470
Union, MO; 63084
*NOTE: Be sure to notate “New Staff Cabin” on the memo line

OPTION 2 – Online:
*NOTE: When donating, select the drop-down box (defaulted to ‘General Fund’) and select “New Staff Cabin”.  If you are unable to select this option, simply type “New Staff Cabin” in the ‘Note / Memo box’.

We are at the point where we plan to break ground on the cabin in the next month and hope to have the cabins completed in time for the 2025 camp season.

Future Updates

Keep an eye out for part four in this eight-part series (Reflections & Projections). In our next edition, we will take a look back at perhaps the most impactful new addition to Dayspring in 2023 (The Dyer Family), and look ahead to our 2024 camp season, including a new one week Junior High Camp!

Date Issued: 2/23/2024
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