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Post 1 of 8

Post 1 of our 8-Part Series
Reflecting on 2023 and Looking Forward to 2024

As much of the country thaws out, what better way to start our series on “Reflections and Projections” than to check out the weather at Dayspring six months ago today. The high temperature was 90 degrees with a humidity of 75%. While there is currently ice on the ground at camp, temperatures in the 90’s make us long for crushed ice in a cup in the form of a delicious snow cone. “Cherry, Blueberry, Coconut, Tiger’s Blood, Wedding Cake?”…what’s your flavor of choice?“ 2023 saw thousands of snow cones served (in addition to cold sodas and sweet treats) but for the first time, these items were served from a newly constructed canteen. The new building was placed on the Southeast edge of the pavilion (adjacent to the creek) and is approximately 325 sf. Initially, the plans were to have the canteen take up ½ of the structure and the other ½ be used for storage, but the need for additional housing became apparent and the “would-be” storage area turned into what is now cabin 7 (gone is the interesting questions of “why does Dayspring skip from cabin 6 to 8 and not have a cabin 7”)! The finishing touches to the building included a partial wrap-around deck with steps that enter the rec-hall / pavilion. This has quickly become a hangout for the hundreds of campers that came through Dayspring throughout the summer, whether they were enjoying a yummy treat, playing “life-size” Jenga or burning some calories in the adjacent Gaga pit.

Canteen & Cabin 7
The new cabin seven is attached to the canteen and is adjacent to the gaga pit.
The canteen is accessible by a partial wrap-around deck from the rec-hall / pavilion.
Plenty of space in the canteen for soda, candy, and all things sweet.
There are three service windows that allow for snow cones, popcorn, soda and candy (take note of the number of snow cone flavors!)

Cabin 7 contains one queen-size bed along with three bunk beds. It is air conditioned and is just a stone’s throw from the dining hall.

Cabin 2
One of the current projects that is going on at camp is the renovation of cabin 2.  Many of you might be thinking….”Isn’t cabin 2 relatively new?”  Compared to the old stone cabins of the 1920s, cabin 2 is essentially a toddler at 13 years old.  Cabin 2 is split into two parts (2A and 2B) and has traditionally served as a boy’s cabin (although it is often used for families and girls during summer day camps).  Each side includes a bathroom, shower, and window AC unit.  Each side sleeps ten to twelve campers (based upon the arrangements of bunk beds) along with a counselor on a queen bed.  The two cabins are joined by an interior door that allows for the two cabins to become one if needed. 

While the exterior needs little to no updating, the interior will undergo significant work to make the finishes consistent with the recently updated cabins throughout camp.  As recently as yesterday, nearly 100 sheets of drywall were loaded into cabin 2 in anticipation of the work to come.  

Updates include: 
  • Drywall & paint
  • New lighting
  • Finished flooring (vinyl plank) & trim
  • New HVAC system (mini splits to heat and cool both 2A and 2B)
  • Updated bathrooms (new showers, vanities and toilets)

Shown below are photos of Cabin 2 in December, 2023. This cabin has proven to be quite beneficial as it houses nearly 25 staff and campers, is handicap accessible, and includes two bathrooms.

Renovations on Cabin 2 have started!

Our prayer is to have the updates to cabin 2 complete by early Spring. If you are interested in helping out on the cabin 2 renovation (or any other project), please contact us in any of the following ways:

Future Updates

Keep an eye on your inbox, the Dayspring Facebook page, or the camp website for status updates related to the cabin 2 renovation as well as other exciting projects going on. We ask for your prayers as we look forward to 2024.

Date Issued: 1/22/2024
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