Dayspring Bible Camp


Cabin 5

Dayspring Bible Camp
Fully renovated
Completed Spring 2022 100%

About Cabin 5

Welcome to Cabin 5 at Dayspring Bible Camp! Our cabin recently underwent renovations to make it more comfortable and inviting for our campers. With drywall, windows, new flooring, heating and cooling, and new lighting, we strive to provide a cozy and modern atmosphere for our guests. Cabin 5 is perfect for families or groups as it can comfortably sleep 7-8 people. The cabin is furnished with 3 bunk beds and 1 queen-sized bed, ensuring everyone has a comfortable place to rest after a long day of activities. Located just a short walk away from the dining hall and bathrooms, Cabin 5 offers convenience and accessibility to our guests.



  • 1 queen size
  • 3 bunks (2 beds)
  • Perfect for families or groups of 7-8 people


  • 200 ft. walk to the Dining Hall (all sidewalk)
  • 125 ft. walk to the boys’ bathhouse (with one “family” restroom + shower)
  • 350 ft. walk to the girls’ bathhouse


  • Parking in front on grass
  • Cabin 5 has the ability to be heated and cooled by a mini-split unit