Dayspring Bible Camp


Cabin 14

Dayspring Bible Camp
Renovations in progress
Drywall + Exterior Complete 76%

About Cabin 14

Welcome to Cabin 14 at Dayspring Bible Camp! Nestled in a beautiful woodland setting, Cabin 14 has been a cherished part of our camp for many years. To ensure that it remains a safe and comfortable space for our guests, we’re excited to announce that Cabin 14 has recently undergone renovation.

Now that the renovations are complete, Cabin 14 features a range of modern amenities that will make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. This includes heating and cooling systems to keep you comfortable no matter the weather, an exterior door and updated windows to keep the elements out, and new drywall and flooring to create a warm and inviting interior space.

We’ve also updated the lighting in Cabin 14 to create a bright and welcoming atmosphere. In addition, the exterior is being refreshed to ensure that it blends seamlessly with the natural beauty of our campgrounds.

Thank you for considering Cabin 14 for your stay at Dayspring Bible Camp. We’re confident that you’ll love this updated and rejuvenated cabin, and we look forward to welcoming you soon!


  • 1 queen size
  • 3 bunks (2 beds)
  • Perfect for families or groups of 7-8 people


  • 400 ft. walk down hill to the Dining Hall
  • 600 ft. walk down hill to the boys’ bathhouse (with one “family” restroom + shower)
  • 140 ft. walk down hill to the girls’ bathhouse


  • Parking behind cabin on the road
  • Cabin 14 has the ability to be heated and cooled with a mini-split unit